Introducing NPS Virtual Learning Support

The start of this school year is particularly challenging to everyone because it’s never been done before.  Let’s all realize that no one person is an expert at what you’re being asked to do, and there will be bumps in the road initially.  Recognize that is unavoidable and continue on, enduring with patience and kindness.  Take this week to explore the new platforms, Zoom and Canvas with your children/students and give yourself a break knowing that we’re all learning together.  By next week, you’ll all feel more comfortable and begin to enjoy the journey.

We will rise above this challenge and all be stronger because of it.

To help you in this upcoming week of learning “how to” do everything virtually, Your Information Technology department has been working along side District Instructional Technology Resource Specialists to bring this Website to you as a one-stop go-to source that has it all laid out in easy to find categories with a fantastic search feature prominent front and center on every page.  (be sure to bookmark this site and return frequently!!)

Parents/Guardians & Students will login with the following account:


                Password:           npssupport

Here you will find:

  • Getting Started guides
  • FAQ’s for Parents/Guardians, Students & Teachers
  • How-To documentation
  • Training Videos for Parents/Guardians, Students and Teachers
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Best Practices
  • A Parent Guide and Resources page chock-full of links and information to help you keep up with your children’s progress.
  • Introductory videos for how to use your iPad, Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer with the new platforms
    • Zoom
    • Canvas
    • Clever
    • and coming soon, Google Classroom
  • Important Links & Virtual Support News- all right there on the front page

Also coming soon: 

  • Virtual HelpDesk Assistant for instant help with problems you face while learning and teaching online
  • Create a HelpDesk ticket by filling out a quick form for remote assistance by your IT Support Engineers and ITRTs.

An example of Student Best Practices Page

We appreciate all the hard work that everyone has been performing over the last several weeks.  All of the NPS faculty, our parents and students have been doing everything in their power to make this unique start of school a success.  It proves that a Community that works together can accomplish great things.  We will have bumps but together we will conquer the challenges and provide every student the very best we can.

Thank you!

*NPS District Message

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