LIVE with Carlos Clanton

On May 21, 2020 we launched our new online show “LIVE with Carlos Clanton.”
Our first guest was Ms. Cherise Newsome, President of the Norfolk Council of PTAs
Beyond the Tipping Point: When Discontent Turns to Anger
Mark your calendars and prepare for taking part in an informative discussion regarding the unrest stemming from the social pandemic affecting our country, systemic RACISM. Learn more about the historical perspective of social justice and the civil rights movement that has brought us to this moment as well as when discontent turns to anger. How do we move beyond this tipping point as a community? What’s being asked in change, and what’s our responsibility as individuals to bring about that change.
My special guest includes Hon. Justin Fairfax, VA Lt. Governor // Del. Jay Jones, VA 89th H.D. // Councilwoman Angelia Williams Graves, Norfolk City Council SW7 // Rev. Dr. Wm. Marcus Small, Sr. Pastor New Calvary Baptist Church // Hon. Wes Bellamy, Ph.D., Poli-Sci Dept. Chair VSU // Marquise Hunt, Activist & NAACP Youth & College Div., Chairman Emeritus.
Join special guest, Dr. Noelle Gabriel Board Chair and Super ward 6 member. We’ll discuss the work of the School Board and the focus for the upcoming school year. In the second half program, I’ll share my priorities for the coming school year as well as the result of this past year. We look forward to addressing questions and hearing suggestions.
WATCH LIVE and Engage with me as I share important updates, answer community questions, and provide resources.
Two Worlds Collide to Form a Life-Long Friendship On February 24, 1956, U.S. Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr. of Virginia, declared a policy known as “Massive Resistance” against school desegregation. But legal precedent demanded action, for in May 1954 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the case Brown v. Board of Education that racially segregated schools must end in the United States. After three years of court battles and recalcitrance by Virginia governor Lindsay Almond Jr, 17 black students were admitted to Norfolk Virginia Schools on February 2, 1959. They are collectively known as The Norfolk 17. * Dr. Patricia Turner, one of the Norfolk 17 and Former Norfolk City Councilman Randy Wright, each one a world apart during this turbulent time, will share their experiences that have blossomed into a life-long friendship. From the struggle to overcome “Massive Resistance” to the Black Lives Matter movement of today, their story and experiences have something to teach us all.

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