2022 Impact Report

We began yet another unprecedented year with the goal of keeping kids safe in the classroom. I am proud of Norfolk Public Schools’ efforts, decisions, and adaptations to successfully keep 100% of schools open and restore as much normalcy as possible for our students. We have made progress in accelerating the academic and socio-emotional recovery of our kids, uplifting the voices and needs of our families, and supplying more resources and support equitability in our school communities. As we continue the path to recovery from this crisis, we have an opportunity to transform the pre-pandemic status quo and build a better system that genuinely puts students at the center of everything we do.

Carlos J. Clanton, Board Chair and Ward 3 Member

By the Numbers

Priorities in Progress

Take a look at our efforts over the past year to support our school’s recovery from this crisis—while working to build a better future for our students and families.

Norfolk Public Schools began the year with 100% of schools open for in-person learning – and every one of those schools remained open throughout the entire year.

Keeping School Open Safely for in-person learning was the overall priority for us this school year and the other 7 priorities supported that.

  • Our first-rate safety protocols and preparedness made this possible – school-based vaccination clinics, upgraded air filtration systems, readily available PPE and sanitizing products, enhanced cleaning procedures, and more.
  • Keeping school open required NPS to adapt to changing conditions whenever necessary – especially when the Omicron variant caused cases to surge over winter break. We quickly pivoted to supply increased contact tracing and increased offerings for vaccinations for the entire household.
  • I also pushed for the same adaptive ability when it came to staying aligned with public health guidance and the Restart SMART initiative. I successfully advocated for the District to align our safety protocols with the latest recommendations from Local and State public health officials – including policies around masking, vaccines, quarantine, and more.
  • The District led ongoing efforts to expand vaccine and education in our local communities – partnering with public health agencies, clinics, and wellness centers to provide easy, free vaccination access to our school communities, which boosted Norfolk Public Schools’ record vaccination rates.
  • Supported and Voted for Teacher & Staff Pay Increases in the FY20, FY21, FY22 & FY23 Budgets
  • Ensured that NO NPS members were laid off or furloughed during the Pandemic closure months
  • Supported All Staff Pandemic Bonuses including a $2,500 and added $1,000 bonus in FY22 and an added $1,000 in FY23
  • Approved Amended 3-year ($13.78 million) Plan from 4 years to fully address Staff Salary Compression including $2.36 million in FY 2023
  • Increased bus driver base hourly pay from $15.30/hour to $21.64/hour
  • Increased base substitute teacher pay from $14.00 to $17.50/hour
  • Approved calendar adjustments to support the social and emotional well-being of our teachers and staff.
  • Supplied funding for device (laptop) replacements for teachers
  • Funded Grow Our Own Program for reading and mathematics through a partnership with a local university that grows the pipeline for reaching and math specialists
  • Funded Grow Our Own Program to continue a division-level program to develop future school building leaders
  • Funded Grown Our Own Program to supply a pipeline for hiring gifted resource teachers
  • Funded Grown Our Own Program to supply a pipeline for hiring media specialists
  • Funded Principal Coaching Mentors to build the capacity of building administrators by supplying 1:1 mentoring services
  • Approved Health Insurance Premium; continue supplying a robust benefits plan; premium increase by 6% effective December 2022. This cost increase will be shared between NPS and employees.
  • Authorized the development of a New 5-year District Strategic Plan (Summer 2022 Approval)
  • During the height of the pandemic, I adopted and announced the RESTART SMART Plan for in-person as presented by the National Urban League that placed emphasis on 1) Health & Safety First 2) Family & Community Input 3) An Intentional Focus on Equity 4) Resources & Funding
  • Personally, visited every Ward 3 School to see first-hand COVID Safety protocols and how they were being implemented in support of students’ and teachers’ safe return to in-person learning
  • Advocated for the creation and implementation of a District Weekly COVID-19 Reporting Protocol
  • Supported ongoing District Monitoring and Accountability for Student Performance Reports
  • Supported the development of revisions to the School Boards Policy about Community Engagement and Input, specifically surrounding Educational Planning (School Realignment & Closing)
  • Ensured the District’s Plan for use of ARPA funds was made public and voted (December 15, 2021) to support the plan. Click to view the funding plan
  • We rolled out a wide range of tutoring options, including school-based programs with teachers and support staff, as well as in-person and virtual programs through partners like FEV tutor that supplied targeted support individual and group settings.
  • In the Summer of 2021, we approved funding to provide (7,000 students) and in the Summer of 2022 (10,000 students) with Free Summer Basic Skills and Innovation Programs. This was done to provide extended learning programs during the summer with a focus on learning recovery. We offered, academics as well as art, music, STEM, language, wellness, and more.
  • Our instructional leaders also incorporated local assessment data to drive classroom instructional plans that would address specific focus areas and mitigate learning loss.
  • We made progress toward our goal of universal preschool for every child in Norfolk. In September 2022, we are opening more early education centers, adding new pre-K programs at our elementary schools such as James Monroe Elementary and the former Fairlawn Elementary, expanding partnerships, and more mixed-income classrooms to continue increasing equitable access for our families
  • We supplied support for early learners to supply PALS tutoring in grades K-2
  • Extended school day/tutoring program to address learning loss of students throughout the school year
  • Funded added English Learner Supports to supply academic support for students
  • Approved Gifted Education 5-Year Local Plan with increased effort on expanding gifted education to all elementary schools and creating a better pipeline
  • Approved funding in the FY23 Budget to:
    • support for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) through part-time social workers, school counselors, psychologists, and SEL programming
      • Behavioral Specialist (5) added behavioral intervention supports for schools
      • Teacher Specialist – Athletics (1) to supply social-emotional support & health mitigation for students
      • School Social Workers (5) to increase mental health supports
      • School Social Worker Administrator adjusted contract of an existing position
    • to create before and after school programs and clubs for students to interact with one another at each school
    • to add wellness champions’ stipends at each school to aid in monitoring the school’s PBIS program and to support the development of students’ social skills, self-esteem, and connectivity to the school program
    • to support Social-Emotional Support for Special Education Students to foster a holistic outreach (instructional resources, online learning platform lessons, and progress monitoring tools)
    • to provide the children in St. Paul’s Quadrant with educational and social-emotional support; including part-time pay for social workers, school counselors, and psychologists to supply necessary services
    • to purchase curriculum materials that support social-emotional learning
    • to support professional development to support social-emotional learning
    • to stand up for Restorative Practice programming to foster positive relationships between students and staff and to contribute to the development of a caring environment
  • Minimize External Barriers to a Child’s Ability to Learn
    • Advocated and ensured all students attending Ward 3 Schools and across the district had access to a Digital Device and MiFi Internet beginning in the 2020-21 School Year to Current
    • Advocated for the expansion of student meal distribution sites, including weekends and holidays as well as for Congress to Approve the Keep the Kids Fed Act (H.R. 8150) Approved by Congress on July 1, 2022
  • Expand Early Learning and Career Technical Education (CTE)
    • Approved funding in FY23 Budget
      • Add (7) Pre-K Teachers and (7) Assistants to support the growing mixed delivery model
      • Add (3) Early Childhood Center Counselors to support the needs of early childhood students and parents
      • Direct Mailing to supply information to preschool families and students to re-engage them in the learning process
      • Establish Parent Learning Center to supply support for families to learn about instructional materials and a variety of ways to better support their children,
      • Supplies to provide individual supplies packets for all Pre-K students to prevent sharing
    • CTE (Career and Technical Education)
      • Advocated for allocation to support a Division Wide CTE Study to examine the benefits and potential of moving to a High School Academy (Career Pathway) Structure at the High School level
      • Hired added CTE Teachers to support expanded CTE Courses
      • Approved Annual Career & Technical Education Plan


  • Water Bottle Filling Stations
  • Air Purifiers
  • PPE Signs
  • Air Purification Misters
  • Ventilation system upgrades across the division

NPS (Capital Improvement Plan) Click here to view NPS CIP Plan

Modernizing our building through Solar Energy

  • NPS is taking steps to follow (SOE.DOE163) Modernization of Public-School Building
Technology Infrastructure and Instructional Supports
  • Virtual Online Support
    • MIFIs to continue to provide students with Internet access
    • Device replacements for students (Chromebooks/iPads) and teachers (laptops)
    • Software to monitor students’ use of devices
  • Student Information System
    • To enhance student data reporting
  • Interactive Flat Screen Classroom Panels
    • To replace/add to approximately 2,000 classrooms
  • Desktop Replacements for School Administrators
    • To ensure NPS maintains a reasonable replacement cycle

Ward 3 Schools

Booker T. Washington High School

  • Replaced Bleacher
  • Replaced Baseball and Softball Field
  • Replace Windows 2022-23
  • Upgrade Electrical System (CIP Plan)

The BTW Feasibility study has begun:

  • Successfully Secured Board Budget Authorization to Fund the Educational Planning Study contract in support of specialty programs at Booker T. Washington High School through a Phase 1 and 2 Feasibility Plan.
  • A team of NPS staff, the Miles Public Relations Agency, HBA Architecture, and WHRO have begun planning the communications and calendar events for engaging the students, staff, and community.  
  • HBA Architecture has completed student interviews to get their ideas on a school redesign to support the specialty programming.
  • HBA Architecture has completed interviews for numerous members of the teaching staff to get their ideas on a school redesign to support the specialty programming.
  • In the fall (September 2022) the HBA team will begin community forums to engage civic and faith-based community groups to get their ideas on a school redesign to support the specialty programming.

Click here to learn more about the Booker T. Washington Feasibility Study that was championed by School Board Member Clanton and his BTW Advisory Taskforce.

Norview High School

  • Replaced Chilling Cooler
  • Replace Doors (CIP Plan)

AOIS at Rosemont

  • HVAC System being replaced to bring in fresh air Summer 2022
  • Roof Replacement (CIP Plan)
  • Replace Doors and Windows (CIP Plan)

Jacox Elementary School

  • HVAC System upgrades to bring in fresh air (A&E for upcoming ESSER Projects) 2022-23

Lindenwood Elementary School

  • Annex Demolition ($100k)
  • Roof Replacement (CIP Plan)

Norview Elementary School

  • Repair Building Roof during 2022-23

Sherwood Forest Elementary School

  • Roof Replacement 95% Complete
    • Removed old spray foam roofing
    • Installed new built-up roofing
    • Insulate & installed metal roofing on Annex
    • Installed new soffit
    • Installed new gutters
    • Installed new fascia metal
    • A white topcoat will be added after the HVAC project is complete
  • HVAC System being replaced to bring in fresh air Summer 2022
  • RFP being developed for Solar Panel Installation
  • Replace Doors and Windows (CIP Plan)
Safety & Security
  • Approved funding to add (6) Full-time roving Security Officers to support elementary schools
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Other Related Supplies to continue to protect students and staff from the spread of infectious disease
  • Purchased added School Supplies and Materials for Students to prevent sharing
  • Approved purchase of Security Radios to ensure rapid and secure communication among security personnel
  • Approved Annual School Crisis Plans
  • Voted to hire a New District Community Engagement Director
  • Successfully launched Virtual Podcast “LIVE with Carlos Clanton, Board Member Clanton e-newsletter and constituent website www.boardmemberclanton.com
  • Maintained Social Engagement via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Brought the Scout Reach STEM and Mentoring Pilot Afterschool Program to 4th & 5th-grade boys and girls at Lindenwood Elementary; currently serving as an Assistant Scout Leader
  • Led efforts in the development of the Board Legislative Priorities and Agenda to the Virginia General Assembly. General Assembly passed JLRC Study due to our efforts.
  • Championed the relaunch of the Districts Faith-based Partnership initiatives
  • Worked with Business Leaders to drive investment back into our Schools.
  • Spoken in person and virtually during Civic league, Community Stakeholders, and PTA meetings
  • NPS launched a new Volunteer Portal and promotional campaign
  • Approved funds to support overtime for family engagement specialists to work within the community to re-engage families and students

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