NORFOLK, VA – At our meeting on October 21, 2020, the City of Norfolk School Board voted to return students to in-person instruction only when the health indicators set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) fall in the lower or lowest risk of transmission of COVID-19. These core and secondary indicators, which can be found on the CDC’s website, are labeled in dark green and light green.

Once these indicators are in the green zones for 14 consecutive days, the School Board approved a phased-in approach to returning students in the following sequence:

  • Phase One – Equity and Opportunity students, specifically students with disabilities (K-12 students in self-contained classrooms) and English learners (K-12 students in levels 1, 2, and some 3). The students with disabilities in this phase will attend school four days per week. The possibility of English learners attending school four days per week will be reviewed by the administration.
  • Phase Two – Kindergarten through grade 3 (hybrid model)
  • Phase Three – Grades 4 and 5 (hybrid model); the possibility of returning prekindergarten students will be reviewed
  • Phase Four – Grades 6 through 8 (hybrid model)
  • Phase Five – Grades 9 through 12 (hybrid model)

There will be a three-week transition between the phases pending positive health metrics. Students in Phases Two through Five will attend school using a hybrid model, in which they will attend school in-person two days a week and receive virtual instruction two days a week. Wednesdays will remain an asynchronous learning day for all students.

Students will remain in their virtual learning format until they are phased in, pending positive health metrics. Parents/guardians have the option to keep their students in the current virtual learning format.

The School Board asked the Superintendent to continue to explore the best learning models for in-person instruction, including a non-hybrid model.

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